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Hello friends i just started this thread to give information about some fundamentally good companies that have great prospects and that have not been discovered by market so that they provide a great opportunity to retail investor to enter. I hope that the advice is helpful to all.....

Hello friends,
The first company to invest in the current market that i am recommending is Bhagyanagar Metals.
It is quoting at around 27 and at this price it is available at real cheap price. The company has posted great results since few years and if we considers technicals it had been in downtrend since many trading sessions. So the probability of a reversal is large.
I personally have bought 10000 shares of the company and my average buying price is 28.

The reason for downtrend for a very long time is there has been dilution of equities of non-promotoers almost to double the previous numbers. As a result of this, EPS has come down and hence the downtrend. Anybody else who has done futher fundamental analysis?

Though i am not an expert, watch out for a breakout in Ferro Alloys stock. The breakout is expected any time soon. At present this is purely based on the Technical factors considering MACD, BOLLINGER BANDS & RSI.
Hello Friends thanks for the response to this thread...
Now another stock that i am recomending is GAYATRI sugars. I have bought this share at an average price of 20. Quantity bought 150000.
The reason for this recomendation has been purely technical. Since few trading sessions there has been a increase in volumes in sugar stocks and considering the price of 20 there seems an significant chance of increase in price from this level.
Investors can buy at this level and exit at 24 for shortterm gains and the stoploss adviced for investors is 18.05.

Current portfolio:

NAME OF THE SCRIP Bhagyanagar Metals
QTY 10000



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Your effort to give recommendations is welcome. However please do avoid this BOLD, BIG FONTs. It is highly irritating and makes your intentions questionable. This is not a forum for the blind :mad:
karthikmarar said:

Your effort to give recommendations is welcome. However please do avoid this BOLD, BIG FONTs. It is highly irritating and makes your intentions questionable. This is not a forum for the blind :mad:
Thanks for your feedback. Will take care in future....:) :) :)
Flex Foods -----BUY BUY BUY

Hey People,

I hope that you have benefited something from my advice. I have come across a great company. The company is Flex Foods. It is a good company having a good growth and track record. One of the tempting point for buying the shares is that the company is trading at 24 and the book value is around 22.52 Rs(Data courtsey

So this makes it an sure shot picks because the share traded near to the book value. People can have long term positions in this company by investing for long term and wait for the DALAL STREET analyst to unlock the value. And as the insititutions come into play the share price can rise to atleast 60Rs.

I am advicing my clients to invest for long term. I myself have invested around 200000 in this shares. I hope that this advice helps you. TAKE LONG TERM POSITION in this share...

With respect to my recommendation of gayatri sugars at 20, the share has reached a price of 23 so people who have entered the scrip at 20 and want to be on some safer side can book profit at 24 but i think that the momemtum will take the share at new high....
For more recommendation keep replying people....


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