Swing Trading Bank Nifty Future Feb'10 Series


Starting a new thread, I will track the Bank Nifty Future for the Feb '10 series here.

The objective is to try to gross minimum 1000 points. Initial position size will be 1 Lot will build addition position when the initial trade gets going in the favorable direction (max 3 more positions).

I will try to follow the trend. I will be mostly using Hourly & 15 Minutes charts to gauge the direction of the market with just the price based decision, nothing else. I also use a daily chart but hardly refer to it during the trading hours, mostly useful to understand the big picture.

Will not be using any specific entry/exit triggers, just trail the stop, mostly along with the stop will also take the reversal but not always.

I know its fashionable to say "Trade what you see and not what you think" but I am not sure how one can disassociate the mind/brain from trading decisions.

We See the Price Movement and try to gauge in which direction the markets are moving and take the position in the direction of the markets, we do not worry if it continues to keep going in the same direction, just tag along with it, if we get a reversal so be it we move with the trade to the opposite side Long ... / Short ... / Long ... / Short ...

No worries as long as 40 % or more trades turn out to be winners. No worries even if our drawdown goes to -1000 points (sounds like a familiar figure ;))

This is not a recommendations thread and if anybody wants to uses the levels use them with your own discretion.

Hoping for a boring, monotonous and hugely profitable month



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Hey trader,

I am up here and will try to give my suggestions.....:)

I think the bank Nifty is in a zone where is finding considerable support... Also i have read that the DII's are buying large amounts of stuck .... esp the SBI and the ICICI banks....

During the down days when the markets were bleeding Bank Nifty found support more than once at the current levels... So i am very much positive on it..

The only concern will be the decision on the 29th if Jan.... But i feel that the results have been predicted and have been taken into considerations...

Cheers to Bank Nifty...:thumb:

Nice gap down opening today on Banknifty .

I had some ODIN connectivity / data problems in the initial few minutes, seems many had the same issue, maybe something from NSE itself.

I finally got to create a short poisition @ 8540 more than 150 odd points below yesterdays close & then realized i did that on Jan Series :(

The Feb series was having 20/30 plus points discount so treating this current short trade as an Intraday one thus no trades to record for this thread.

Anyway thats all part of days work :)

Refering to the chart above we already broke the support at 8550, so looks like we will be testing levels around 8200.

On the other hand if we can manage to breakout over this 8550 level it will be a very good long trade.

Nice to see volatility back on this counter


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