Suzlon Fundamentals?


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I would avoid the current IPOS as most of them are highly priced. After running into a mess with reliance power I have become suspicious of IPOS floated when the market
is at unreasonable highs.
Co's bring out IPO's only when there is overconfidence in the mkt sentiments & majority traders & invstrs r enjoying the profits of the upmove;)


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Suzlon is a good long term investment as it is much below its all time high and significantly below its 52 week high, but you should wait to pick it up. The market may see some significant lows till October, and it is a high beta stock so it will correct much more than the index in percentage terms You can start picking up below 80, keeping some reserve for averaging when it may fall below that. I feel it can see 60-70 levels again this year.

On the business side, being a leading provider of alternative energy equipment, I see no downsides . Apart from the question of commercial viability of wind energy, which will increase as conventional sources deplete, there is this 'green energy' tag to it which will find backing from various govt. and non-govt. organistions by way of infrastructure spending.

The company has partly solved its short term liquidity issues and needs to seriously restructure some of its long term foreign currency liabilities. The stock is currently not doing well since a few weeks because it has not posted good results this quarter and also because before that it had seen a huge run-up from below 60 to above 120.

In two years or before that it is very likely to cross 250 per share, though it will see many ups and downs along the way since it is also a favoutrite 'satta' stock for speculators.

There are a number of sites where you can find financials and financial analysis on Suzlon. Just Google SUZLON ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS.

This is just an opinion, not a recommendation. Currently I don't own any Suzlon stocks.

Hope this helps.
What's your view in current scenario.

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