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Once a darling, once an eye-sore, the SUZLON has had few developments worth makign a note of.

It has moved from being a deeply loss making scrip (on fundamental side) to becoming profitable again.
Operating Profit in MAR 2015 -5,995.92	MAR 2016 685.73

[SIZE="1"]Source:; Amounts in Rs. Crores[/SIZE]
With Indian Govt led by Modi, stress of power self-sufficiency and greater stress on renewable and enviromentally cleaner energy sources means good news for SUZLON.

Technically, on a daily chart, SUZLON has made an new yearly high of 19.2 on 13 Feb 2017 and has then retraced about 15% downwards there.

Also, the volumes have been three times the average daily volume. Although this volume is also accompanied with decline in price, so it is not all that clear indication of any trend by itself.

Did not notice and divergence on any of the common oscillators.

Those who may want to take a long-term position on this may do their due diligence and enter.

Disclaimer: I have taken small quantity of this at approx 17.2
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Are you still holding suzlon, I [email protected] some big qty and now regretting since my money got locked. I am new to trading and i feel i did a mistake. Please give your opionion
Sad to hear that. I too lost some money in SUZLON. On the bright side, I did not attempt dollar cost averaging so did not get trapepd more. I learnt importance of company management.

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