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Hi Guyz,
I need a change from anandrathi. They are taking a hell lot time for converting my offline account to online account and software is also not that desirable! Kindly suggest me a broker, considering my requirements:
1. User friendly software
2. Software with basic charting capacity - minute(1,5,15,60, etc) wise charts with some technical indicators.
3. Margin money is not needed.
4. Low brokerage.
5. Tips from broker not of much importance since myself does the technical analysis.
6. Maximum trading hours - I have seen some brokers accept orders only thill 3 or 3: 15, but I would like to trade till closing. Though this is not of utmost importance, it will be good to have.
7. Will trade in equity only, not derivatives.

I already have a demat account with anandrathi and I have shares worth 2 lac(as last calculated). I would need to transfer the shares too.

While replying, it would be kind of you to add the charges that I would incur.

Thank you,
1. & 2. trader anywhere userfriendly as in easier to install and maintain (angel broking, sharekhan, religare, etc.) has charting facility.
3. Don't use it if you don't need it.
4. religare race-pro has trump super account (prepaid brokerage of 15,000/- refundable in brokerage in a year) which gives you 0.015 intraday, and 0.15 delivery. f&o @ 75rs.
5. n/a
6. with tradeanywhere software, you can trade upto 3pm in margin, and 3-3:30pm in delivery. the 3-30pm delivery based period can't be used to short shares. But with odin deit sofware Religare R-Ally (brokerage is 0.03 and 0.30) will allow margin trading till 3:30pm.
7. good for you :)

transferring shares will charge you 30rs per instruction slip (about 4 scrips can be transferred at once). Account opening charges vary from broker to broker, from 300 to 10k. please see brokers and demat matters section for futher details.

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