Help:: Online Broker Suggestion

I would request suggestions for opening a new trading a/c + Demat + bank a/c. I intend to do following kinds of trades:

1) predominantly delivery based. Off-line order acceptance should be a must.

2) Seldom derivative trading - only buying futures and options. Never writing

3) Occassional intra-day trading

4) Wish to begin commodity trading as well in a year - Never done this before.

I now use ICICI Direct for last 10yrs. I have also used Indiabulls and HDFC securities.

Obviously I would go for reasonable brokerages (mainly for delivery trades) + nil or very low Annual mainentance charges for DP / trading a/c

Oh yes, another important thing, initially I would only like to go for Internet based trading - so no installable s/w based trading.

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