Stock Search Utility

Hi Everyone,

Here is a simple but handy utility. Its an excel sheet listing all NSE scrips, with the symbol, company name and index. I incorporated a search feature which can be used to search any part of the excel row. I use it very often. Hope you'll like it.

Best Regards.

P.S: You are free to change the code or let me know if you wish to have any enhancements made to it.
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Hello Pagenotfound--
Great work mate----Truely Awesome----Thanks a lot ----If u have developed it----my heartiest thanks to u ---for its availibility---
Thank You joy_mitali & sankoorikal,

Yes. I've developed it. If you need any changes please let me know, or you are free to change the code. Also you may expand the list, just unhide column F and copy paste the formula from the above cells.

Best Regards.

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