Stay at the crease, the runs will come

There is an old saying in cricket - stay at the crease, runs will come.

The batsman who tries to hit sixes and takes too many risks early on will get out soon. Maybe he will get lucky a few times but not for long.

This applies perfectly to trading. A new trader who takes too many risks while learning will blow up his account.

Stay in the game, the profits will come.
"Stay at the crease, the runs will come" is a cricketing metaphor that can also be applied to investing. It suggests the importance of patience and perseverance. In investing, it implies that long-term commitment to a well-thought-out strategy, even during market fluctuations, can lead to positive returns over time. Just as a batsman patiently stays at the crease to score runs, investors may benefit from staying committed to their investment plan for long-term financial success.


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Could this have been avoided?

After that tried entering again with SL outside the range below the bottom. Exited when the market started coming down again.

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