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Ah man! This is good stuff!

Let me repeat myself to hammer in the point, and for the benefit of anyone else that is silently looking on. A 1-2-3 formed at the end of a trend is the most powerful. A 1-2-3 formed at the end of a trend is the most powerful. (Wow! I guess I did repeat myself--lol.)

That is a thing of beauty! B is less than A, so enter at B. You know the extension is going to rise above A, so once it happens, then cheat, and pretend you entered at A, then draw that extension.
All the being said. Who Cares!?!?. This is the end of the DOWN. The B point was formed under the cloud, so the candle has to enter it. The extension from A (It's okay to cheat once you broke A.) takes you through the cloud and on the other side. Once you are out the other side, you got the tenken and kijun breathing down its neck, so it means higher ground, still.

There was a correction back to the cloud after the H>I>D was formed. The cloud contained, the next candle move above the TK combo, but still did not break the I. Regardless, that is the point you could have added, and then when the D is broken, add again.

This is the beautiful thing about you guys taking the time to share your charts. The rearview mirror keeps confirming everything we have been talking about relative to the ichimoku and price action methodology.

Now for the present action. Look to the east. Notice the cloud (BTW, this is obvious.) is flowing due north. Price action seems to be getting tired, because it has this sideways look. It could get forced into the cloud. If that dip is broken before the peak is, that's a 1-2-3 played out. Don't even think about it! You'll be munching on TM point for awhile.
The flip side, and its a 50/50 chance at this point, is that the peak could be broken and we go higher. If that is the case, and you are looking for a short, keep your eye on the cloud to the east, as well as the swing low, and a possible new 1-2-3 formation. If you have a 4-hour chart, look for these properties on it too. You are not limited to a TF for the LT reversal.

With regards to the triangle formations (Only my personal bias speaking here.), I would just as soon as stick to the 1-2-3, because it is simpler for me. If I get the same production and keep my life simple, then no discussion is needed.
(Oops, figure of speech. I don't give triangles a 2nd thought in my little world. I'm still open to discussion on them. After all, someone else may think triangle are the best thing since Aunt Jemima pancakes and her syrup.)

Hi Paul Sir.... I am back with another Chart on 1-2-3.... This one is TataMotor's Daily Chart.... Once again I have marked two different areas.... In each of the areas we can see the formation of 2 bullish 1-2-3 patterns.... If you were to trade these two areas when would you have entered and where would you place your SL....

We may also call these areas as Triangle formation.... But I would want to stick to 1-2-3 for the time being.... :)

It had the strongest obviation of the 3, which is why I went long and got out at 82.59, which is a touch of the SD channel just under my MR1.

BTW, the USD long goody bag will be packed next week.

Wow your long in USD/JPY did really good. Quite an impressive run. I didnt dare to enter as I am waiting for pullback from last few weeks.

I'm in the middle of my Weekly Forecast. I was reviewing the EUR/CHF, because in times past it has been one of the 11. There was a high-low spread last week of 20 pips. I just don't know how that could interest anyone.

Here's the week's S&R's:
EUR/CHF 1.2074 1.2065 1.2060 1.2049 1.2043 1.2034

Notice the usual range as you would read in my Weekly Forecast is the 1 to the opposite 2. Here the range is 16 pips. 16 pips for the week does not excite me.

I'll bring it back when it steps up the pace.
Weekly Forecast--031112

EUR/USD: With the strong finish last week, it has put the bottom of the daily cloud at 1.3007 back on the radar. The pair also needs to be aware of any spike past the bottom A simple touch of 1.2968, then the pair is on its way to challenge the recent swing low at 1.2623. If the move is as impulsive as it looks then this weeks recovery is limited to the WR1/MS1 combo at 1.3173-1.3183.

USD/JPY: The move north will continue. The monthly kijun at 85.26 should still be hitFor the time being there is room for a correction.That could happen this week. If it does, then some downside tagets will be the 4-hour tenken at 81.97, the kijun at 81.60, the daily tenken at 81.32, and the WS2 at 81.30. If the trip south is finished by Thursday, then it should still make it to the WR1 at 83.03.

GBP/USD: The strong move that ended last week will continue this week. Any corrective measures should be contained at the WR1 at 1.5724. Once it is done with the fuel stop, it is headed to that WS1 at 1.4604, and then the WS2 at 1.5544. The MS3 is 1.5561, so it is a warning of possibly a move east the rest of the month. If this thing turns into a freight train, then we could be in the 1.5400s very quickly. The MT target is the high 1.5200s.

USD/CHF: With last weeks sharp move north that ended the week at the current level, it seems to indicate the move south is finished. It is on its way to challenge a very thinn bottom of the daily cloud at .9300. Even the slightest spike on the other side suggests we are headed to challenge the recent peak at .9594. This week the .9300 mark could be hit. The WR2 is .9256, but if there is not much of a correction to start the week, then it should be brokenon our way to the top.

AUD/USD: The move to challenge 1.1074 may be over. This week if the WS1 at 1.0507 is touched, it will have the bottom of the daily cloud at 1.0352 on the radar. A strong decision point. That is very strong MT support. If it gets hit, expect a bounce. If that level is broken, then we head to sub-parity.

USD/CAD: To start the week, we should be headed to the top of the 4-hour cloud/ WR1 combo .9945. There has been some MT stalling and with the overall USD bullish outlook, there is some doubt whether this pair is going to continue its journey to .9707. If the former R area holds, then we will hit the WS2 at .9816. If the R does not hold, then we are in for naothe explosive volatile mix as we head to the daily tenken at 1.0080.

NZD/USD: Make no mistake, this pair is heading deeper south. The top of the daily cloud will be broken, and we head to he bottom at .7930, and maybe lower. This week does not appear there is much room for a correction. The WR1 at .8264 could be hit. The trip south will take us to the WS2 at .8092 and lower.

EUR/GBP: This pair is extremely undecisive right now. If it is going to hit the bottom of the monthly cloud at .8167, its going to have to be quick. If many more weeks are in the offing, then it will form a strong eastward base, and then when the bottom of the base is broken, its going to hard break of the bottom that it will send it on the express right through the bottom of the cloud. I dont see any momentum strong enough to keep moving northward. For this week, it is extremely favorable to see the pair head east in the range of the WS2 and WR2 at .8324 and .8414, respectively.

EUR/JPY: This pair is getting ready to shove it in high gear again. For now, it is still in the middle of all the action. For this week, there are two levels to look for. The recent swing high and swing low on the 4-hour at 108.64 and 107.68, respectively. A break of either will set the tone for the rest of the week. Across check of what the EUR/USD and USD/JPY looks seems to indicate that heading south is the favored scenario for this pair this week.

GBP/JPY: Like many pairs, this pair has alos been enduring some trong volatility. It is very close to the previous peak at 130.09, which means there would be a strong breakaway north. With the strong close from last week, it would indicate it will just keep going. Well. I dont think it is going to happen, which also puts the WR1 at 130.07 in serious doubt. Simply put the volatile move made the 4-hour the dominant TF, and just as strong of a reversal should be in store. I am favoring a 1-2-3 on the daily, which also is taking on the form of a bearish gartley. This means the daily kijun at 125.17 would be hit with ease, and then the weekly tenken at 123.68 is well within range.

Note: With the outlook on the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and the GBP/JPY, just as a simply crosscheck it suggests the EUR/JPY is heading south this week. There is some doubt in the individual analysis of the pair, but crosschecking seems to remove much of the doubt.
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I made the following quote at the end of my Weekly Forecast:
"Note: With the outlook on the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and the GBP/JPY, just as a simply crosscheck it suggests the EUR/JPY is heading south this week. There is some doubt in the individual analysis of the pair, but crosschecking seems to remove much of the doubt."

It has been a bear day for all three of the markets, and it should continue the rest of the week until the southern objective have been met.

This is a package deal. It's all-in-one:
1. Current forecast.
2. Price action analysis.
3. A live trade.

The white line that was drawn at the top represents what was a swing high at the time. When the swing low was broken, the swing high became the stop in a trade, and the odds are microscopic the swing high will get hit before price action finishes under the swing low.
The lines with the arrows shows the distance from the swing high to the swing low, then the approximate same distance under the swing low. Keep in mind that the extended distance would be equal to the distance between the 2 swing points. Within the scope of my methodology, the minimum distance the pair should travel to is my WS2 at 106.53, which is just about equal to the distance of the swing of the swing high to the swing low.

In essence, when price action gets up where it is now look for the previous swing high, then look for the swing low directly east of the swing high, then look for subsequent price action. If the swing low was broken, but no follow-through, then the area price action is in now becomes a very low risk trade. The SL is 30 pips and the TP is almost 200 pips.

Here's the nice thing. Just in case this is one of those really rare occasions where the swing high is broken, price will already be elevated above the cloud. It will be at that time the tenken and kijun will catch up, and so it will push it to the WR1. So, with an entry order at that point the gain of the long trade will still be greater than the loss of this short, so it is an all-win high-confidence situation.

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