Some basic terminology of stock market

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Can someone explain the following basic terms in connection with online share trading-
1. Intraday trading limit used: When I buy some shares on line, some amount is always shown under this column and my clear margin is reduced!
2. What is meant by transfer from DP to margin? How is it to be used?



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1. In intraday trading some margin money is required which varies 15%, 20%, 25%, etc. depending upon stock. The same amount is reduced from your clear margin.
2. To sell from DP you have to allocate shares. Some sites have auto allocation. Some sites have manual, means you have to manually allocate the same for sell.


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plz tell me what is square off/up
square off is applicable in when you are doing intraday. that is when you buy share you have to sell the same on the same day. If you dont do the same before 3.00 PM Stock Exchange will automatically close the deal. In this case what ever the rate at 3.00 PM it will be applicable (Profit/loss).
Hello everyone,

Please explain me to how I can do the intraday trading

Intraday trading is a method of trading where you buy and sell a position within the same day . This is also called day trading. If done correctly and if you know how to do intraday trading, you can make a very good income doing day trading.
so for a beginner in forex it is the best way of learning the nuances of trading!


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the most important feature of intraday trading is "short selling", which means, even if u don't have the shares with u, u can sell. But before close of the day, u have to buy the equivalent number of shares and square off.

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