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I read during the week about how Mandira Bedis presence had spiced up cricket. If the most popular sport in our country which causes mass hysteria needs spicing up, why not trading and investing?

Being a poet, I happen to be good at poetic repartee. On being impressed with one of my poetic performances, one of my friends wives asked, When you are working at your share market, there also you think of poetry?. . That set me thinking. After about half a minute, came the poetic answer and looking at her I answered back:-

While I am trying hard to concentrate on shares
Thoughts of you and other pretty women catch me unawares
With such women in my mind, I am continuously having affairs
Even if I go bankrupt in the sharemarket, who cares?
Losses and Profits there are like musical chairs

Then as is customary, another friends wife made a request. Ok let us have it in Hindi now. After thinking for about half a minute-forty five seconds, I came up with

Jab main kar raha hota hoon share-market ka kaam
Khyaalo me aati ho tum aur zahan me aata hai tumhara Naam
Bhool jata hoon Reliance, Ranbaxy aur baki shareon ke Daam
Tumhare bare me sochte sochte ho jaati hai Shaam
Market ke baad natija milne par sar pakad ke achraj se bolta hoon Hey Ram!
Dukh mitaane ke liye pini padti hai Jaam

This is what I called a humorous crossover implying a positive divergence. For those who do not agree, there is plenty of humor in prose too considering the number of technical analysts I have met this year. To put it poetically:-

Over this weekend,
I am trying to initiate a new trend
If a positive feedback you all dont send
It goes without saying this shall be the end.
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sh 50,
your reference to Mandira Bedi spicing up things on the cricket front; I almost for a moment thought that you were leading us to wishing for Aishwarya Rai & the like spicing up the floors of the bourses. Sure appreciate your poetic bent of mind sh 50. Not bad too & a pleasant break from the drudgery of everything about share trading. This forum will be a whole lot lighter with contributions like your's. Thanks....

"...being a bit of a Trader & more of a Bard,
makes my life a lot easier & not so hard.
Penning my thoughts is all that sweeter,
when they're put down in verse, rhyme & in meter."

" in shares is not all that easy;
they say it's for gamblers & all who are sleazy.
Now that's a bit harsh on a person of verses,
like you into poetry, not only the bourses."

"...I keep a hawk's eye on all that's said here,
tho' little sounds sane & most unclear.
Bot, this forum is great for greenhorns like me,
who are learning & learning & learning to be....."

"A hot-shot trader like Traderji,
and you & the rest who help for free.
My thanks to this forum for all the advice,
and last but not the least, your pun** too was nice."

** (humorous crossover/positive divergence)


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Well that is a very nice verse by Jaideep. Unfortunately, I cannot be so refined in humor especially when it is spontaneous spur on the moment.m {Even otherwise).

Well, there does not seem to be much support to this "share" but there is no resistance either. Let us see if I get any weekly support. One would have thought five days of the other share would be a little tedious,

I was explaining the science of technical analysis to one of my friends. While explaining stop loss, his wife butted in, Does this thing actually work? Let me see whether or not I can answer you appropriately. I said and after about 40 seconds:-

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of stop loss
However,when you permeate my thoughts, you are the boss.
You drive out thoughts of the market the way a batsman whacks a full toss
As it is the stock market has its own ethos
It resembles a rolling stone that gathers no moss
Share market without stop loss is nothing but pathos

After about a minute and a quarter, action replay in Hindi

Jab aapka khyaal hamare saamne hai matakta
Humara dhyaan hai bhataktaa
Humara dimaag hai atakta
Humara kaam hai lataktaa
Jo hummare pitaji ko hai Khatakta( Loss hone par)

For non- poetry buffs, here is an interesting incident related to Technical analysis. There was a character I met in first seminar who is a franchisee of one of our banker-brokers. Initially, he promised me to teach me if I became his client but later started prevaricating.

Now, TA is no cakewalk but is no rocket science either. He told me that for six months you must just try to see higher highs and lower lows. I am all for giving importance to basics(traderji deserves special compliments for that) but this was too much. I told him, Even if Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawfard were sitting in front of me(in what condition I leave to you since TA is also so subjective), I would still think twice higher highs and lower lows for six months continuously. Besides, in their case, the middles would be equally if not more interesting- who cares for higher highs and lower lows. I do hope nifty does not go below 1770 though.


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It has been nice of traderji to provide encouragement but it seems I have run into a consolidation and need a breakout. It occurred to me in the morning today that since this post began with Mandira Bedi, why not try to attempt a breakout or end with her. One year before I joined in this forum .i.e around March 2003, we lost the cricket world cup finals to Australia. At that time I had written a consolation poem which featured a lot of Mandira .It was displayed on one of the best NRI literary web sites, www. "Cricket and Mandira Blues" . Since we are more or less in the same situation vis--vis Australia in the current test series, with traderjis permission, I can present the poem here. In the evening today, I saw a strange thing on TV .One spectator in the cricket field(presumably like me) was displaying a semi-large placard saying Sanjay Manjrekar, show us some pretty faces. (Sanjay Manjrekar is a former Test cricketer who is also a TV cricket commentator). On the same lines, if Traderji agrees, I will present the poem. Alternatively, from here on we only focus on the other shares.

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