Sell Order Not Executed.......

Hahaha, this is still ok since it deals with artificial quotes etc.

On wednesday ~1300hrs (or tuesday, dont remember properly) I placed an order with sharekhan for purchase of Polaris.
Throughout the market hours, the order was displayed as "In execution". Infact even the margine was deducted.

However, when at night I checked my account, LOL, there was no purchase done.
The next day I saw that the margin amount was restored back, and in the Depository Obligations, there was no mention of Polaris.

Next day I was able to make the purchase, however, because of that I lost the opportunity of ~4-5% rise. :(
hi there

yesterday.....there was some problem (according to me a MAJOR).
Somewhere around 2:30-3:00 pm, RCOM price was being displayed
between 803 to 857...:eek: ..whereas the Prev. Close was correct....

For a moment, I was shocked and immediately called my broker to sell
all the 1000 shares....He asked me WHY? (this happens very often with
my broker....A nice guy....;) , who is not after brokerage)...I told him
what I had seen on

He started laughing and told me that RCOM was not so high and there must
be some problem with the site.....He too opened the same page ie where
TOP TEN ARE DISPLAYED.... He too was shocked........then he went to
on this page there was NO ERROR....

Also it was very strange that the % Change column was not displaying the huge difference........:eek:

Once I was very excited.... 1000 * 800 :p ..........

NSE guys should take due care for such things.......

have a nice day


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In case of sharekhan , I also have faced similar issue in Fast Trade.It happened with me for 2-3 times , after placing an order at particular price , It took so long to process that till then price of share had already changed.And we can't modify orders in process.For a day trader such a happening creates problem.