Safest Option Intraday Trading Strategy?

Box Strategy may be..

Let's assume, banknifty is trading at 30,000. You think it will expire between 29800 and 30200. You can sell 29800 PE and buy 29800 CE. Again Sell 30200 CE and buy 30200 PE.

Make sure to use a zero brokerage account (like Tradeplus or Finvasia) as the profits are quite less and after brokerage, it might be negative.

It works mostly during expiry.
There is nothing called a safe strategy. There is always some risk component to your option strategies be it buying options or selling options. Low-risk strategies will yield lower rewards and high-risk ones yield higher rewards.

So, it is up to your risk appetite which kind of strategies you want to go with.

To me, in general, calendar strategies are low-risk strategies but need to be placed under low IV conditions.


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What is the safest intraday index option trading strategy?

I think it's the Butterfly Strategy. Any better and safer than this?

This is not the answer you expect. You are not seeing the obvious.

Which is the safest intraday trade on Cash & Futures? You have a stop loss or atleast you are monitoring the trades always right. So your risk is pre-defined when you place the trade. So basically, when you are not having overnight option position, why you need safety?

i assume you are trading full time and not working in an office full time and trading part time.

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