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Hi Guys,

Did anyone use this site called Learnapp? Its on Zerodha Dashboard as well?
Was thinking of trying it but wanted to know if it is really worth it to improve knowledge and learn more about trading and investing?


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Learnapp has been on my "to check" list as well. The founder is a guy named Prateek Singh. I know him (not personally) through the webinars he used to conduct on Upstox TradeAcademy (which today is a ghost town). He then moved to SAS from where, now, he's got this new venture. It seems that Zerodha has invested in this venture and so it's likely to be around for longer.

Most courses look general to me and beginner-centric (maybe that's the aim). The only one that got me interested was the scalping course. I'll explore it over time but as of now, I'm on the fence. I don't see any compelling reason to join.

I have subscribed to it and taken some courses. The scalping course was a very much superficial in the beginning. Now they have started adding some more chapters to it. The courses taken by Prateek are quite simple but the number of trades generated are very less following that strategy. The live classes videos are available online only for 48 hours post which they are taken down. These are available only for the subscribed members. To be honest i was quite disappointed by the strategies.


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Hey Yesboss! We teach a-lot of strategies, although simple ones that are back-testable and work.
Unfortunate to hear your experience. I hope you took the live classes, they are the most useful right now.

we could easily add more 'complicated' strategies but I doubt that would be useful. It would be difficult to backtest and follow in real market scenarios. What we teach is simple and can be applied/tested easily. Also, I think the strategies are given way too much importance compared to the risk management part, we run a really nice class on risk management.

Anyway, lots to learn here on TJ too :)

MJ (A.K.A Prateek)

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