TIC(Traders Inner Circle) Reviews

Hello Community,

Has Anyone been following or subscribed to TIC ( Traders Inner Circle ) by Nishant Arora on Facebook ?

Has anyone been benefited by it and has been profitable ?
Nishanth has a Facebook community of around 25,000 people. His paid community has more than 2000 people. He also conducts one day workshops with exorbitant price of 20,000 to 30,000 per day. I have not heard considerable number of showing verified P&L in his groups. I am not sure if Nishath posted any verified P&L link, as that is the only way you can establish credibility. If any teaching is successful, you can know that by considerable number of students becoming successful compared to market average. As NSE says more than 95% traders make loss. As far as I know the number of people making loss in his group too in the same range of 95% to 99%. His teaching are unnecessarily long, say for example if a concept is understood by a primary school kid in 5 min, same concept is explained by Nishanth sometimes for a week, so his courses runs for years together, so does the fees what you pay.

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