Reliable Data Feed for Amibroker

Does trading view provide data,
realtime or after market time,
whether IEOD or EOD.
what segments
and charges.

please provide all details.
Can anyone suggest me a good data feed provider for Amibroker in FNO Segmant?

My requirements are following.

1. Quality Feed with No or Negligible Delay.
2. Intraday and End of Day Historical available. Intraday at least 30+ days and End of day at least 3 years+.
3. No Lag during scanning of multiple symbols.
4. Fast Update of Data into Amibroker.
5. Multi Intraday Timeframes data option.

Currently, I am using TrueData India and believe me when I say, Services of TrueData India (Velocity) is ****. They can be good in customer support but software is all buggy. Following are problems I face: -
1. I have to slowly visit every symbol giving it time to fetch data...alright. I can do that.
2. By the time I have scanned almost 150 symbols, speed gets really delayed and then it almost stops and then I have to repeat from number 1 again.
3. It's slow like hell. I have to literally put the future in trading software to see whether the prices are updating.
4. Multiple times I have to start the process again
As a trader, I cannot rely on it.

Believe me, I have took help of customer support like almost every 2nd day.

So if any one has any idea of how my requirement can be met then please help.
I have burnt many holes in my pocket to get clean data. Even getting EOD is not easy. NSE has a list of official data vendors for Realtime data, would highly recommend choosing from that list.

Would recommend use only amibroker compatible data packages and not run some shady business like Viratech who have decent data in metastock format but use custom numerical codes for every stock making it extremely difficult to identify stocks in amibroker. (of course they dont mention this when marketing their product).

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