Regarding online insurance and thier reliability

Hi team,

This is my first post in the forum.

I have been planning to take Life insurance for myself to secure my family.
I have decided on taking Term assurance for myself, instead of going for a plan combining Insurance and investments.

But I am very badly divided in opinion.

There is one part of my which says LIC is the only reliable Term assurance provider as it is being supported by government. But the charges are around 14K for 40L cover.

On other hand there are private players providing insurance online, the likes of ICICI prulife and Religare AEGON, who are offering the same coverage at a paltry 4K pa.

How good are these kind of insurance providers? please advise so that I can decide on the right move. Since it is the question of my family living post me, I am trying to be doubly sure in the decision.

Has anyone had any good / bad experiences with such Online insurance providers. Please let me know...


Also let me know if there is any mistake with my post.

This is good to planning to buy a term plan.
ur problem is genuine, which company is better, and you also tell correct is that "LIC is the only reliable Term assurance provider as it is being supported by government" & Private company is provide the cheapest premium.

i am tell u one thing is that every insurer player in market is approved by IRDA. security of all player is provided by IRDA. so, there is no problem to buying by govt. player or pvt. player.

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When it comes to Term Insurance, there's just one thing - If you die, your nominee ought to get money. There's no middle path.

If you've been honest with form filling [online/offline] there is no reason ANY company should deny claim amount. coz, there is simply no loophole to find and deny the claim!

Go for online policy. There are some "agents" who use scare tactics to stop customers from going online.

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the same confusion is there for me also, ing vysya premium was around 33k for 50 lakh in term life plan whereas icici i protect it is about 8k!!!!????... I contacted ing , they told online insurance is not reliable??? So , so like that... I need clarification... Pls help...
Yes, you can buy insurance policy in online method from insurance company. Online is the best method where you can first compare the various insurance plans and than choose the best.
Well, these days online insurance is best option for buying any type of insurance plans. It saves your time, money and efforts for choosing right plan, online you can collect thorough details about insurance plan of your interest as well as quotes without traveling to several offices. You get all details at your figure tip. As far as reliability is concern, all major insurance companies are now offering online buying options so there is no need of concern about buying it online. I recently bought health insurance, and I found it very much convenient to buy it.
These days life is getting busy and people often avoid going physically to insurance company to buy insurance products, rather they prefer to do it online. I would like to tell you that these days all major insurance providers are offering us online buying option for our convenience. As far as reliability is concern, there is no need of worry about it. All major companies use secure payment gateways, I bought car insurance online and I didn’t face any problem paying online for it.


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Actually you have to do a search a little.Compare the top plans in the market and check their last 5 year record in terms of customer feedback and opinions.If you wish you can also take help of a reliable broker dealing with multiple companies and policies can help you.
Buying life insurance online is the best way to proceed these days. It allows transparency, comparison and less paperwork with overall hassle free procedure. I would suggest getting a life insurance in India with good brand history and claim settlement ratio such as one like Birla Sun Life.

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