credit cards: few questions regarding online security, citibank credit card etc

I would like some inputs from fellow forum members with first hand exp.

1) Which bank's credit card do you prefer and why?

2) Anyone applied 'online' for citibank credit card? My confusion is how they authenticate/veify a complete online application! and if the appliction is completely online , there will be no supporting doc or customer signature in bank records? what about future endeavours regarding any matter?

3) this is regarding cc security..... many people prefer keeping low credit limit to avoid huge loss in case of a fraud. but as banks allow over drawing than specified credit limit by charging higher interest, is that a effective way to be safe!!??

any inputs will be nice :)


1) Citibank - very organized & excellent service + had some bad experience or other with many other banks
2) I dont think its all online, only the application maybe, then they will send a representative maybe , not sure
3) only way is not to use online & activate the sms info service so any high value transaction is immediately sms'd to you

hope this helps...
In present lot citi bank is the best, but you have to be very careful regarding their payment. They earn by your default. There will be penalty, interest and above that service tax on this all amount. If you are disciplined in your payments it is ok. I am using it for last 10 years. They will try to lure you for making minimum payment but they charge 37.50 percent on the balance plus you loose the normal 40 days credit limit on new purchases. So pay in full, Pay on time and be happy.SHUKLA DN

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