Recommended brokers / trading platform


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1. Sas online
2. Trade smart online
3. Alice blue

Iam personally using- zero issues

Phone support will be tough till the corona issue gets resolved-
Mail and chat support will be instant-
Stable platform-
. sasonline as i have seen quick response in voice and email before lockdown but fund transfer system may not be so good as in there site they mention for transfer thru neft have to send proof of bank statement but this system is old enough. bank account sud be autometically recognised. any way desktop platform is good


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Yes, considering my experience so far, I would not want to use them as my broker. Will look to transfer my funds and accounts once I identify another broker. Today I got logged off from Upstox for an hour at open. It is unimaginable for me to be able to trade this way. Not being able to access your position can mean taking a chance of having a massive loss.

Your point about brokers growing rapidly who gobble more than they can digest (adding business without infrastructure and support) handle is absolutely spot on.

I can understand a one off breakdown of system. Hence the thread on brokers who provide a good platform and service.

Thanks for your input. Appreciated.
with any broker u trade , u sud have another platform to log from other device like smartphone or laptop/desktop. may be that some problem when logged (as like upstox) out from their web version ,can try dartstock or android to complete the tradein case of emergency
There are a lot of options like Zerodha, Upstox, Finvasia, but you should learn about trading first. Understand the right stocks to invest in, trading method to use, how much budget. Like I started with finvasia because of brokerage.Like that other brokers offer good tools for market understanding. Zerodha varsity is good for learning basic things that will help new traders.
Yes, this is a good list of trading platforms. In general, there are a lot of them and you can try different options, because it is impossible to say which one is better. It is better to try the option with Streetbeat because it has already been tested by me and I can say that this is an excellent application that will help you succeed in trading and investing. It works on the basis of exclusive non-public data and algorithms, thinks through individual strategies based on your risk profile and all trading takes place without commission. Therefore, this is a great option not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders.


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I have already regretted trusting unreliable trading platforms. Many brokers turn out to be scams. Luckily now there are a lot of options to choose more reliable platforms, like streetbeat. They can offer commission-free trading for those who are interested in it. What is interesting about this company is that they offer the best pre-built investing strategies based on professionals' data analysis, which also enables you to automatically trade based on your risk tolerance. Of course nobody guarantees a 100% payoff. However, I have already checked deposits and withdrawals to see if the company gives this opportunity.
There are plenty of new age brokers coming in the market everyday but when it comes to credibility I only trust those who’ve been there for a longer span. Ever since I entered the stock market, I’ve only used two brokers finvasia and zerodha. Had a good experience so far.

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