Recommend a Charting Software for Day Trading

I use tradingview. First year is $179/year for PRO + NSE exchange data feed fee of $7 / month. No futures and options data though.

The biggest advantage for me is that the charts and custom indicators are available on my mobile while I am not at home.

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Just sharing my personal experience.
As you are using just basic indicators then amibroker will be enough for you.
As help for it, is easily available.
In India, every second trader have Amibroker.
Further, it depends on timeframe of candle.
If you use 1-2 min candle then go for certified data seller
but if plot 10+ min candle then simple linking Nest to amibroker will also serve the purpose.
Money saved will add to your profits.
All of above, costs not more than 5K (one time).
It all depends on what extent of precision you want in chart.
Normally Bid/Ask traders need highly accurate data.

Disclaimer: I myself use Amibroker 6.30 with Nest datafeed.
On chart I have simple indicators which shows same results if candle closes at 190.10 or 190.20
Costing prediction considered cracked version of amibroker.
Rightly said. No need for expensive data provider if trading using 5-10min charts.
Amibroker is cool and popular
Amifeed provides required data for 550/-pm