Realtime data NOW,ODIN,TradeTiger,Google,Yahoo > AmiBroker, Fcharts, Qtstalker

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This is continuation from my this post ->

I have been able to fetch realtime datafeed from NOW, ODIN, Google, Yahoo, to Excel 2007 and pull it into AmiBroker and Fcharts. TradeTiger is not tested yet but it has Snap to Excel facility through its MarketWatch so it will be possible to fetch feed from TT also.

Readers are free to download the applications from here->

Whatever is extension of the file i.e , RTG3.z or RTG3.doc, change it to and unzip the file. You may have to login into to download. There is a torrent link appearing below Download File now if you do not want to login. Somehow torrent for this file is not working on my laptop but download is working.

The source code is open. I shall explain the operations/source code and pros and cons of each source/method in series of articles here.

Readers are requested to refrain from writing any comments/reply here until I finish explanation which may take about two weeks. This will enable everybody to get uninterrupted information.

Those who are adventurous, can read the previous thread and use the applications.
Links to previous versions are here->
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Download the file and unzip it into a separate folder. There are five files in it.
Following files should be placed in to a folder trusted by Excel else every time you open them enable macros and data connection.
RT3.xlsm - This fetches data from NOW and Yahoo
RTG3.xlsm - This fetches data from NOW and Google
NowBackfil.xlsm - This is to be used to backfill to AmiBroker

These should go into the format folder located below your\Amibroker\path

Before trying anything in AmiBroker, create new database maybe C:\AmiBroker\RTdata.

Change your system date setting through Start-Control Panel-Regional and Language Options- Customize> Date tab to dd/mm/yyyy or D/M/yyyy.
Time tab -> short time - HH:MM:SS

If you want realtime feed from now, open applications strictly in following order->
NOW-Excel 2007 or above - RTG3.xlsm or RT3.xlsm.

Do not open both RTG3.xlsm and RT3.xlsm simultaneously. They do not work together and your data may get screwed.

There was a slight error in uploading.--

Those who can create RAM disk can download DATARAM's RAM disk software. Software can be downloaded from
here- User Manual can be obtained on the same page. In FAQ/Support section, click on User Manual. Screen by Screen instructions are given for creating RAM Drive. Create a RAM disk 5 MB with FAT16 file partition and click on Start RAMdisk.

After installation, if you do not see the new drive in your Windows explorer, You may have to Right Click on MyComputer -Manage- Disk drives. Select the new disk and format it. Alott letter - "R" to the new RAM drive.

Others will get an error. Open Visual Basic in Developer Tab and go to Module1. Find these lines in subroutine MakeCSV().

'MkDir ("C:\RT") 'This will create a folder RT in C Drive.
FileName = "R:\MyCSVG.txt" 'This file is used to write quotes

change these to -
MkDir ("C:\RT") 'This will create a folder RT in C Drive. (Removed the single quote at the left to uncomment this line)
FileName = "C:\RT\MyCSVG.txt" 'This file is used to write quotes

Otherwise download the file RT3.xlsm from here -

and the file RTG3.xlsm from here

I have made the changes. Inconvenience regretted.

Give path for your new database in proper place and enjoy realtime feed.
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There are two stages involved in this procedure.

1. Getting the realtime feed from Trading software to Excel.

2. Getting the realtime feed from Excel to Charting software.
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Hang on guys. Please be patient. I am on holiday. I shall be able to explain lot of things by next week.


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1. Request Zerodha or whosoever your Broker is, to activate RTD feature for your account. If RTD is not activated, you will get "RTD attribute not licensed" error......

2. Office 2007 or above required.

1. Open excel
2. Click Office button
3. Click Excel options
4. Click Trust Center
5. Click Trust Center Settings
6. Click Trusted Locations
7. Click add new location and provide “C:\Program Files\NOW\” or “C:\Program Files(x86)\NOW\” wherever your NOW program is located. Remember to check “Subfolders of this are also trusted”
8. Click “Ok” and close Office

2. Copy/Move the RT3.xlsm and RTG3.xlsm files to the same folder as NOW.
Else add the folder in which they are located, into trusted center by following the above procedure.

3. Open NOW - > Right click In market watch, reposition columns OR (Shift + R) , get the following columns-
Trading Symbol | Last Traded Time | Last Traded Price | Last Traded Quantity |Open Interest | Symbol

Symbol column is compulsory. It cannot be removed. You can have more columns but the RT3 and RTG3 have space for the above only. Excess columns will have to be deleted. Order of the columns is not important. However, if you keep the same order, it will become convenient to paste in Excel.

Save the columns.

1. Select the scrips you want in Marketwatch by Shift+click
2. Right Click Marketwatch and navigate to “Link to Excel”
3. Click All Items or selected items
4. Paste in RT3.xlsm or RTG3.xlsm in the first column in the Sheet "NOW".
5. You will see Realtime feed in Excel. The prices and time will be changing.
6. Remove the excess fields if any, otherwise you will be encroaching on the space for Yahoo or Google feed.
7. If the order of the fields is not the same as in original xlsm sheet, you will have to cut/paste the fields to bring them in the same order, else AmiBroker will not take it.

You are free to add/delete/change the scrips given in original Sheet once you are comfortable with it.

Some times, realtime feed stops when Excel Sheet is tinkered with. Just save the book, close excel and reopen. RT feed will start.

NSE NOW seems to have a limit of 55 scrips at a time. Hence you will get error in NOW if you exceed that number and RT feed will not start for excess scrips.
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Please note that ODIN ver is minimum requirement. Versions before that do not have capability of Open to Excel.

Rohitb has given an excellent explanation here on how to import data from Diet ODIN to AmiBroker to excel.

Please read the thread. I have not used Diet ODIN. I am relying on that thread.
Sikandar has been able to get RT feed from DIET ODIN to my previous utility NOW-RT2.1 with persistent efforts.

The Procedure is as follows ->

1> Login to you diet odin and open the desired market watch
2> Right click in the market watch and select open in ms-excel.
3> Small box appears asking for select sheet. select sheet1
4> A file named Arbitrage.xls will open with all the scripts/futures/options and u will see the rates changing.this is your source we need to purify this as we don't need most of the data.

Now do as below-
5> We need TICKER (Scrip Name), LAST TRADED TIME, LAST TRADED PRICE, LAST TRADED QUANTITY. and OPEN INTEREST. Remove the remaining columns. Assuming that you get the columns in the same order, you will have TICKER (Scrip Name), LAST TRADED TIME, LAST TRADED PRICE AND LAST TRADED QUANTITY in Column A, B, C and D respectively of arbitrage.xls.

6> Use office 2007 or above. Open Excel by clicking Start-Programs-Microsoft Office-Excel2007

7> A blank workbook opens with name book1. Ignore it and Open RT3.xlsm or RTG3.xlsm from within Excel. Change the database path to Your\Database\folder\Path

8>Select the Range below Column Headings up to Symbol and press delete to clear all the contents.

9> We want Trading Symbol, Last Trade Time, Last Traded Price, Last Traded Qty, Open interest in columns A, B, C, D, E respectively. Therefore,
In Cell A7 type "=[Arbitrage.xls]Sheet1!A2",
In Cell B7 type "=[Arbitrage.xls]Sheet1!B2",
In Cell C7 type "=[Arbitrage.xls]Sheet1!C2",
In Cell D7 type "=[Arbitrage.xls]Sheet1!D2",
In Cell E7 type "=[Arbitrage.xls]Sheet1!E2",

10> Copy the entire row in four rows below. (Let us restrict for five scrips for a start. You can add/modify later on). Check the format of the columns once. Column B should have Time format and columns C, D, E should have number format.

11>If you see the rates changing, you are done.

12> If you are not getting Open Interest in ODIN, Keep that column empty. Open the RTG3.format file in notepad.
Change the line - $FORMAT Ticker, Time, Close, Volume, OpenInt, Skip
to this - $FORMAT Date_MDY, Ticker, Time, Close, Volume, Skip, Skip
and save.

13> If ODIN is not giving Last Traded Time also, then we have to use your system time to record the quotes. Type =NOW() in the "Last Traded Time" column against each scrip. That will bring system time in the excel sheet.
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DIET ODIN to EXCEL contd .......

13> If ODIN is not giving Last Traded Time also, then we have to use your system time to record the quotes. Type =NOW() in the "Last Traded Time" column against each scrip. That will bring system time in the excel sheet.

Select the Column for time (Column B) and Right Click, Format Cells and set format to Custom HH:MM:SS as shown in this link -

Find the following lines in MakeCSV subroutine -

For r = 7 To Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
s = Date & ","
c = 1

While Not IsEmpty(Cells(r, c))
CellValue = Cells(r, c).Value '

s = s & CellValue & "," 'Add contents of current cell to string 's' and a comma
c = c + 1

a.writeline s 'write contents of String S to the csv file.
Next r 'go to next row

Change the line in italics to

If c = 2 Then ' If it is cell in column B
CellValue = TimeValue(Now()) ' CellValue = Current time
CellValue = Cells(r, c).Value 'Add contents of current cell to the variable- CellValue
End If

That will push the current system time into AmiBroker. I shall upload another excel file with necessary changes in couple of days.
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