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  • Hi sir,
    Is it possible to send data to amibroker data from kite api, I have access to kite api trying to create data plugin from kite api to support more symbols, can you help?
    Hi Satish SIr,
    1st of all I'm very thankful to U for yr effort toward Retail Trader.
    Sir , I want to know is there possible to backfill data in RTDv1.6 's Backfill section using VWAP/Stat , But 1min earlier than actual Nest "Time" Column
    For Example
    Nest VWAP/Stat as below
    09:16:00 OHLC..
    09:17:00 OHLC..
    Can it convert like below & then backfill
    09:15:00 OHLC..
    09:16:00 OHLC..
    Cause its make big diff. on 5m candle
    See time shift in AMIBROKER guide for ASCII import
    ok got it ...
    Thanks for reply sir! ...
    IS column repositioning same to all nests from different brokers. It shows error except for zerodha nest.
    Yes same for nest
    Hi Josh Sir, I am using RTD 1.6 Version and it is picking up wrong data table while backfilling and even i tried keeping the correct data table open and backfilled and again it closes it and opens afresh wrong data table. Please help me to sort this issue. Anyways live is fine and only backfill issue. HELP Sir!!
    This should not happen. Right click mkt watch and refresh scrips. Close select window and open again. Then check.
    Sir issue still persist . Not able to solve. pls help. windows 10 os iam using.
    Hi Josh, thanks a billion for such a great utility which helping lots of retail traders. Right now I am using your utility with amibroker, can I use it with NINJATRADER 8 also ?
    Hi Josh, i am Siddhartha from Gurgaon. I've been using your RTD utility on n off some time and thank you for your efforts. However, my experience has not been as seamless as others. I find the utility quite little unstable. Earlier, i was using another free utility called NESTRTD by Howutrade (discontinued now). It was lightening fast with no backfil feature. Could you pleasehelp me get it running again?
    I cannot help you with somebody else's application. You can post your difficulty about RTD in the thread.
    Siddhartha Sharma
    Cool, thanks. Posting issues on RTD in the thread is not worth my time. Its too unstable to trade on.. Nonetheless, thank you for your efforts. Good luck!
    nach na jaane aangan tedha. i've been using josh's tool since 2016. absolutely rock stable. i have nothing but gratitude for the guy!
    Hi josh1
    Successfully import data from tradetiger excel and amibroker by only see couple candle can't zoom in and out is there anyway to do that
    You have to wait to get sufficient data
    Hi there , Happy New Year to you . ABCD is not working since yesterday ...1/1/2019 for fut+opt scripts. It is showing ..."server returns a boo boo " . probably the link is changed to https. Please check . Shal be highly obliged.

    I would like to know if rtd excel can be modified to support cryptocurrency feeds

    I am capturing the feeds in a excel , not sure how to take them to amibroker.
    Dear Josh,
    ABCD isnt working for BSE since 1st April. They have moved to https I think. Pls assist. Tx in advance
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