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  • Hi,

    I would like to know if rtd excel can be modified to support cryptocurrency feeds

    I am capturing the feeds in a excel , not sure how to take them to amibroker.
    Dear Josh,
    ABCD isnt working for BSE since 1st April. They have moved to https I think. Pls assist. Tx in advance
    Dear Mr.Josh1,

    Many thanks for all your efforts. am new to trading and this forum and making best use of all resources.

    Am sorry to trouble you more. can you please guide me how to feed ninja7 with OI using your utility and plot it as a indicator. Or if any other source to get it done please guide me towards it. When a OI indicator is coupled with orderflow its making a lot of sense
    sir please send me the link to download nest to amibroker rtd (exel file for rtd ,backfill, format etc.) because download link is not working
    Hello Dear Sir,
    Iam facing an error while running RTData in TTiger excel sheet. Can you please guide any latest update if any to debug the problem.

    You have to describe what error it is, where are you getting stuck, which steps did you follow etc. I cannot imagine what error you received.
    hello sir am getting compilation errors while compiling rtdman "\amibrokerfeeder\rtdman\source\util.cpp(4): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'atlconv.h': No such file or directory"
    Am using VisualC++ 2010 Express i also installed "Windows Driver Kit".
    sir i am getting "error 9" message when i backfill the data from nest to amibroker ....please help
    Upload screen shots in imgur or somewhere and give links in forum
    Hi , i would like to know if we can send dummy ticks to the nse of last ltp if the utility gets stuck , because sometimes the utility gets stuck and prices dont come to amibroker and amibroker is not able to form a new candle, i am talking about this with a custom version that we used to download from github , there was file called all utilites , i had compiled the source code from there.
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