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I am using RT Quotes from they are providing 180 days IEOD data for all segments with 1 min base time, and 15 years EOD data for all segments. Priced at 750/- per month, compatible with Amibroker and Metastock for realtime and supports advanced get too on EOD database. They have continuous charts like Nifty1 & Nifty2 are also giving options data for nifty. They are about to start feed for Forex and Comex too.. You can take a demo before subscribing..

Edit: Their data is highly accurate and contains Volume and OpenInterest too.. They have started Forex and Comex feed since yesterday..
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Dear All

Who Provide the best Real time Data at lowest cost for NSE Cash & F&O ??

There are two data providers 1. tick by tick data provider giving at 400/month is the cheapest.
2. ValveNet Technolocies data @500/month . These are the two providing at cheapest. here ValveNet Technologies is authorized. In some data vendords like truedata you can get discounts if you go for 2 segments. Anyways it gud to check the trial and get .


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Dear All

Who Provide the best Real time Data at lowest cost for NSE Cash & F&O ??

Lowsest cost for cash segment is Google. Cost is zero.

F&O there are many players with prices ranging from 500 to 50000 pm.
I'm presently using 2 MT4 from Vcharting (500/month all segments) & Finmas (600/month all segment); both seem relatively decent, & rarely disconnect but still, I always prefer to have a backup in any case. I've used many MT4 providers over the years, & there were a couple at 300-400 but the quality of the service wasn't there, so I prefer to pay a little more to get something decent.
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Before some years I had bought Amibroker 4.7 with yahoo finance free data feed as package price. Is there any vendor who could provide with Amibroker or MT4 or MT5 with free data feed? I prefer realtime data from US stock exchanges also with this package.
Some time before I subscribed with Zerodha for online trading. After giving them my usual details, they asked me to furnish copy of my incometax return/assessment. I think this is uncalled for. Are they entitled to ask for such personal data? Normally no purchases are made by the brokers without having balance in our account with them. I think this is not good practice. Please comment and inform real position. Thanks.

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