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i second the avisuraj123. neo has a best support and quality
you can check there rates or products in there website www(dot)neotradeanalytics(dot)com
I guess Neotrade Analytics have released a patch file few weeks back to overcome few problems. After using that i did not see any backfill issues which were reported earlier. If you are interested can contact their chat support at www(dot)neotradeanalytics(dot)com


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I trade on 5mins graph and mismatching of 3-4 ticks doesn't matter to me.
If this is your case as well then go for
I trade in equity so its cheapest @ Rs.300 per segment and Rs.500 for 2 segments
But if you trade in more than 2 segments then go for
They charge flat Rs.500 for all segments except currency
Data quality is same but there is one major difference
In RTDS you can scan only stocks which are open on your amibroker screen but in tickbytick you can scan all stocks which you have selected in their utility.

If you are ok with google data, then go for
It charges Rs.250 per month which goes lower on higher period subscription. At 4000 its for lifetime

1 more google data provider is there:
its flat rs.2500 for lifetime, but data quality and backfilling is worst of all.
**Google dont provide volume data and futures data

If you trade in 1-5 scrips only and needs highly accurate cheap data then simply copy data from NEST/NOW to excel then link it to amibroker and for backfill use nest plus data tables inside your software. Everything will be free.

If you are small trader then don't go for
Data is highly accurate with not a single tick missed but I paid more than Rs.2000 per month for just 5 scrips
which added a lot to my cost. Also nowadays I dont trade in futures and they dont provide data for cash

Disclaimer: I have tried/subscribed all of above at some point of my trading, currently I'm subscribed to tickbytick
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