Rallis (I)

Buy rallis(I) at 115.00 with a stop loss of 106.35.It will give you decent return with in few days.


New Member
On what basis are you getting this information? Would appreciate if someone could share the resistance levels of this stock. Even I hold a few bought at 111. Is there any signs of immidiate uptrend?

The signal i have given is from my own trading system which uses technical analysis,well the resistance would be 119,121,but i dont think these targets would stop its uptrend.
Well you need to use proper money management and stoploss in your trading ,no system in this world can be obsolutely perfect,and if you are following some ones advice then use your own discretion when trading.
Rallis blast continues in vertical fashion.........nice :) Wish I had taken it :( Great call,Billauday!

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