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Python Yahoo Downloader - Version Upgrade V 1.2

With Yahoo Finance Fixes!

* Incorporated Multi Interval, Multi Period Data download from Multiple Exchanges as per user selection and TickerList config (Exchange suffixes as per Yahoo Finance).

* Incorporated TickerList scrips increase to 200 scrips.

* Incorporated Auto Conversion of ^NSEI and ^NSEBANK to NIFTY 50 and NIFTY BANK for NSE index data for user import convenience.

* Incorporated Metastock compatibility and addition of Ticker Column.

  1. Didn't have time to write detailed 'help' but previous and even new users ought not to face any issues as the utility is fairly intuitive to use.
  2. Download from attached link. Start 'Setup', accept default prompts and the ultility will get installed in C:\PyDownloader. Don't be tempted to change the installation path during Setup because the utlity is configured to work only from that location!!!
  3. * If you still have the previous installation in your C:\ drive, then copy/ backup/ preseve your TickerList.txt because it may get overwriitten!!!
  4. Place the 'PyD_v1.2.format' file in your Amibroker installation's 'Formats' folder and you are Good To Go!
  5. A sample TickerList is included for the guidance of new users for scrip and exchange suffix config. Sample data files are included in the Data folder as output format examples.
Will probably look in from time to time to see how users are getting on. If you like using the utility and are a previous experienced user, then you may like to contribute by guiding newbies who may need hand holding

Note:- New users will benefit by going through this entire thread and the one indicated below, for troubleshooting or for answers to general queries!

Nice work bro


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I have V1.1 but its not working, because its old and yahoo would've made some changes.
The latest version was V1.2
yahoo data anyway has gaps, i saw it again yesterday ( i use yfinance but am sure i saw same with first version of this tool) - few mins get removed (atleast when loading stocks data after market ). Its good as fallback if others fail but probably better to have another option for live.
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