1. R

    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Python Yahoo (Multi Exchange, 1 minute Historical Data) Downloader - PyD v1.0 PyDownloader reloaded with Yahoo flavour :) - Download the setup via the attached link - This will install the utility in the folder C:\PyDownloader with an option for placement of PyDownloader program in Start...
  2. M

    Anyone knows when yahoo finance EOD data get updates?

    I was trying to download (at 6:00 pm) historical prices of SBI for past one year including current day prices from yahoo finance. But for my surprise I cant download todays SBI price and can access only the previous day price. For my curiosity can I ask do anyone have any idea when the...
  3. J

    AFL to find wrong Data

    Hi all, I use Yahoo Finance as quote provider and there are a lot of wrong quotes. For example, a stock that has its price $5, next day price $120 and the next day $5 again. It is like a gap, but with a big %Change. Could someone help me with the code? I try this one, but it doesn't work...
  4. J

    Yahoo Charts - MACD & stochastic -- Need help

    Hi All, Can anyone help me with the formula used in Yahoo Charts for MACD & stochastic. I tried various combinations in amibroker, but no success. Any help will really be greatful. Thanks & have great times.
  5. S

    BSE Stocks and monitoring in real time using INstant Messaging(gtalk, yahoo, msn)?

    Dear Traderji Experts, I'm newbie to stocks. I have few queries below :- 1. Where I can get the complete list of stocks from BSE / Sensex ? 2. I feel it's very difficult to browse real time stock prices using browser. Do we have any software OR service via which I can subscribe BSE...
  6. H

    Live yahoo messenger buddy for realtime stock quote of any stock all over the world

    Hi freinds at last i created a auto response system for yahoo messanger just add the id in yahoo massanger and find out the stock quote from around the world stocks exchange. Just enter the script code to know the stock current price. The id is [email protected] Inter the company...
  7. gourav_s

    NSE/BSE Yahoo Stock Lists for AMIBROKER

    Hi, everyone :) I would like to know if someone can provide me with link to download NSE/BSE Symbols for Amibroker i.e. for example GMRINFRA.ns I want a list of .ns yahoo symbols of NSE/BSE for amibroker :p Thanks in advance :thumb: