1. R

    Trading course by Yogeshwar Vashishtha

    Hi Does anyone have any idea about Yogeshwar Vashishth's classes.:confused: He charges about 40k for days physical and 6 month online trading. Any comments welcome Thanks
  2. H

    Options Classroom Training at Bangalore

    Hello, I am a beginner trader in Options and I was looking into classroom training for Options to enhance my knowledge. I found one good trainer through NSE and his course covers all necessary modules to understand options trading. But the training location would be in Mumbai which will add...
  3. DSM

    Sharekhan's Free Active training cell for traders

    Received the following from Sharekhan - will be useful for traders. Come, Learn The Art of Making Money One of the best ways to learn to be a SELF TRADER in the markets is to sign up for Sharekhan’s Active Training Cell. Through a series of ONLINE Trainings, ATC trains you on various...
  4. M

    Any feedback on Jimmy Young ? Mentor, Guru

    Hi, Has anyone attended Jimmy Young's seminar on Forex trading, I heard about him when I was in London but didn't get a chance to attend. I've heard he will be coming to India ?? Any info or feedback would be appreciated
  5. DSM

    BSE Courses

    BSE is conducting the following courses. Check ad. in Economic Times, 23rd Apr. Page 12. Summarised here : 1. Advanced program on Stock Markets : Apr. 27th onwards 2. Financial Planning and Wealth Management : Apr. 28 3. Certificate Program in Capital Markets : May 13 onwards 4. Finance...
  6. S

    Prop Trading House in Dubai.

    "An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends." Benjamin Franklin We are looking for candidates who would go into a part-time 1 year long mentorship program to learn to trade S&P e-mini Futures from home. This strategy is coached by two successful Futures Trader and hardly uses any of...
  7. M

    TA course by Precision Technicals

    Hi Guys, I attended 2 days TA training session on 9,10 Oct 2010. Ashish Kelkar of Precision Technicals, Pune conducted the sessions. Here is my feedback. 1. I need to book it almost 2 months in advance as all other batches were full. 2. They had exactly 50 people in batch. 3. The arrangement...
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    Newbie interested in learning TA & Trading Strategies

    Hello All I am a newbie to trading, tough have been a buy & hold investor for long. I am interested in learning Technical Analysis & Trading Strategies (Entries & Exits for semi automated buy/sell signal generation or fully automated trading) in full day intensive Classroom setting...