Port 22 (ssh / sftp) working using BSNL?


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Can any confirm if using SSH or SFTP (that uses port 22) is working for them when using BSNL. Specially in Kolkata.

Have eliminated all other likely issues -- at my end or servers. Changing the ISP from BSNL to Vodafone results in normal operations; so the likely suspect is BSNL router configuration.

It is proving nigh impossible to reach the right technical support person in BSNL.


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Managed to reach the right person at Telephone Bhavan, and yesterday he confirmed that BSNL was blocking port 22. The stated reason was that there was a "malware attack" using that port in the recent past; the adopted solution being to block that port for all users. A suggested work-around was that I apply for a static IP, and they would accommodate opening that port to a specific IP as that can be tracked.

There is a saying about the cure being worse than the disease; but that cannot be said since the details of the "malware attack" are not known. Also, the work-around pushes a cost to the user; plus it is not portable. Not the least, the idea behind SFTP/SSH is to secure traffic from being sniffed between end-points. I cannot see how port usage cannot be tracked whether the IP is static or dynamic.
Try Port 2222.

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