Please tell me the Best Intra Day Tips website or Software

Hi All ,

I am new to trading and i am interested in doing IntraDay Trading . So please let me know the best IntraDay Tips Website(paid) or Software(paid) which can predict at good success rate . Hoping your reply traders...
Ok as you are new so let me save you a load of trouble. There are websites which claim to give you "tips" but there is no surety of those trades working out. 80-90 percent of time they wont work out. If you want to do intraday trading you need to observer, learn, forecast and predict yourself. Even when you have been in the markets for some time there is no sure shot thing. There are setups and strategies which you can observe and trade them if it suits your trading style.


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Traderji is one Website for Intraday, EOD, Swing, Scalp you name it ...... but its not Free, you need to PAY for it by doing the hard work of "learning" !! :D

Jokes apart, on serious note too, one can learn immensely from Traderji !