Please Suggest me some Gud Books

For anyone starting out in trading and technical analysis, i would suggest 4 must read books. I have read Elder, Pring, Murphy etc, and i can proudly say that "Teach a man to fish", by our very own Saint, is by far the best material you will get on trading. For 2 years, i read almost anything i could lay my hands on. But at the end of it all, i was totally confused. That is when i chanced upon "Teach a man...", and it totally changed my perspective. Dow Theory by Robert Rhea, Edward-Magee/Bulkowski and Trading in the zone are some other excellent books.

Completely agree. "Teach a Man Fish" thread by our great great Saint is the best TA analysis book I ever read. I have also read dozen other books by Elder, Murphy, Douglas etc, but the way Saint explained things in simple form in Tech a Man fish improved our confidence and showed me a way for profitable trading. Thanks a million for him. Special mention, thanks for your above comment. Only after your comment, I read that thread and opened up to the world of Eureka moment in trading.

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