Please suggest free or paid tool that can give advice on which options we should trade?

I checked Sensibull, options opstra, quantsapp, optionsoracle etc.
but all of them will give you suggestion based on your input it will not give you suggestion by scanning the market condition.
Is there any software/website or a person that can give you tip on what to trade in options.
I see a lot of people on twitter posting their options trade and profit but they post it at the end of day/expiry - is there someone who can share his trade when before or at the time of placing those trades? what is the point of showing after all is over?
PLEASE don’t advise me to read books, varsity etc.
The way I look at it --.once I get few tips-place those trades and make some profit …I will automatically learn their thought process behind their trade …so doing is the best way of learning rather than theory.
Options, futures or stocks all are different methods of trading. Your on view of market, your confidence in your own view, your strategy, money management, risk management and trade management will make you money not options, stocks or futures. These are different methods. Suppose your view is correct 60% of the times (It's easily possible) and your strategy (incl all above factors) achieve 60% accuracy an edge of 5% ( there are different edges in the market like time value, buy on dips, sell on rallies, buy at 20PMA, sell on huge upmove and buy on huge downmove (Squareoff) over the market then you are owning a casino that will generate you huge amount of money over time. You will loose 40 trades out of 100 trades you take and you will loose half the money with 2:1 RRR. than you win in your winning trades. Suppose if you loose average 1000 bucks per loosing trade (Total 40 x 1000= -40K) and your average win is 2000 (60*2K=1.2Lacs) then your total profit in 100 trades is 80K. That's the secret not options strategy. Learn all aspects of trading and be as satisfied with loosing trades as with winning trades as long as all your trades fit within your system. All the best. Change your thinking change your losses to profits.

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