Please read this is important for struggling traders

Hi there am struggling to trade for over 12 years now is there any day trading method which works at any given point of time ? As am totally passionate about trading but keep loosing badly , would appreciate if someone can please post om this thread as it will really help struggling traders like me who really want to successfully trade and make a living,

Please kindly do post any traderji trading post or links of any working strategy guys. Thank you so much please help am writing this with a lot of losses and sorrows so please do understand those who are successful at trading, about those who are constantly loosing like me. As on a trader understand another trader .
Have you already analysed your mistakes?
It is really hard to tell you which trading strategies will suitable for you without knowing how you actually trade. You may use perfect strategies but you implement them the wrong way. What are the reasons for loosing money? what do you do wrong? Have you tracked down your mistakes and see the weak points in yor trading routine?
First of all, you should know what you are bad at. Analyse your past deals, see what made you think that you were doing the right thing and get rid of this perception.
Secondly, learn more. There are so many trading strategies online even on youtube. Browse the web and backtest new strategies in order to understand whether they work or not. If they work, try to implement them using small sum of money and get used to it.
Thirdly, pay attention to your psychology. Perhaps you are too gready to get profits or too scare so that you miss out on potentialy successful deals.


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I too spent a similar period searching for a successful method and did research with every available indicator but was not successful. I finally searched YouTube for price action trading and found the methods of Ruby Caprich and D2M trader appealing. This Sunday, D2M Trader is conducting a paid webinar to discuss stock selection and trend confirmation (see his YouTube page for details). I am sharing this webinar message only because I am very impressed with his logical explanation of trades.

Watching the YouTube videos is itself adequate to learn price action trading.
Can understand how much you want to make a comeback from your losses. Better you can try from low risk strategies like long term holdings. This way, you will get a lot of time for your stock analysis and market watch also. This may help you get an idea how the market trend changes over a long time.

Otherwise you can try your strategies in a demo account instead of trying in a live account to ensure that they are really working or not.

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