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I am a new trader and I want to thank the community members for the various inputs in the threads. It is such a great learning experience to go through all the material that is posted here.

Kindly advise me on the following:

1. Charting VS Technical Analysis Software:

From what i understand, they are being used interchangeably, are they one and the same. If not, what is the major difference?

2. A good charting/technical analysis software:

I would like to watch the market live and understand the trading basics thoroughly.. Example: i want to look at various technical indicators during live markets..

My Questions

a. Is there a good charting/technical analysis software or web based software that comes with Real Time Data that you would recommend for day trading?

I did some research, Ami Broker etc, i understand that we need to get the software and then a data feed source..Ami Broker seems to have various functions and seems to be the preferred choice but i feel there is learning curve to advantage of these features. At this moment, i am looking at a simpler system.

I also take there are free resources like yahoo, google finance, but i hear there is some lag and since i am looking at trading seriously, i want to eliminate as many issues as possible and go for good services..

I made some statements based on my research , but i request you to correct me if they are wrong and kindly advise how to proceed.

a. Software with data provided or software first and data source later..

I realize if we get it for free, it would be great :), but i am open to paying reasonable fees..

Have a nice Day..

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