Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


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I do not understand why EVERYONE is trying to teach others in this forum. :( Everyone is trying to or proving to others that he/she is a trading guru. Why NOBODY ever shows/proves himself or herself first. Why not show your own trading contracts notes before you force the same old pivot things or any other methods down anybody's throat.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not against teaching. I am against the act of everyone teaching the more or less same things by opening new thread. :( What is the point ? If there are 500 methods discussed in TJ which did not work (although everyone when started claimed in a way that his method is best), then why should one belive that what you are teaching works and can make one trader ?

Therefore, I sincerely request all the self-proclaimed gurus to kindly establish your trust by posting your daily/weekly/monthly (which ever you are comfortable with) contracts.

Please take this post in good faith. I have all good intentions and not trying to defame anyone. Thanks.
My friend..
whatever works today may not work tomorrow in this market. and other thing is there is no fixed set of systems/rules like syllabus for market that if you know/learn this you are passed etc... trading is a process in fact endless process there is no end to learning. so any system/set of rules works today may not work tomorrow and there is nothing wrong coming up with new rules/systems and tweaking the existing one. your concept might be wrong. If one attain that stage where give me any system i will make money, kind of nirvana, may not here in this forum to prove the strength of his trading system.... my 2 cnts sorry if it irrevelant


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For trading we use this three types of visually different charts:

First one - conventional one (Used as Sharekhan chart)

Second one- Amibroker chart (produced in Amibroker software with data provider like GFDL)

Third one: Brokerage firm chart - like Zerodha etc

All the charts are just visually different , but all are showing Candle stick charts. With the help of these three chart we will learn Rally & Decline.


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To all,
we will discuss the Basics.

These can be applied in any charts for trading- like weekly chart, hourly chart, 30 min, 15 min, 5 min , 3 min charts.

So please learn the Basic first, later you can do it in any scripts & in any time frame.


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Picture of Rally and Decline:

Point one to Point two- Rally, Price moving higher- important is higher low. One more important point is see in Rally there is a Red Bar also- do not get confuse, in Rally, there can be Red bar, the colour is not important, the price movement important.

From Point four to Five- price moving down, so it is Decline. Here also note that one green bar is there - but it is 4 to 5 is Decline.


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Now we know that meeting point of Rally & decline is our Minor Pivot.

So we have to understand what is Rally & when rally is topping & decline is starting.

Next picture we will do it.


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Example of Minor Pivot:

At point one it is Minor Pivot.- Meeting point of Rally & Decline.
This is Minor Pivot High.

Now see example of Minor Pivot Low :



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Till now these were easy. Is not it?

Now the tricky part?

a decline is on going, but a green bar formed, I am talking about the last green bar. Is the decline stopped?

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