Pivot Trading- a new way of Trading


First of all, Thanks @Subhadip for this thread, this is immensely helpful and I am grateful .!
Now if anyone please clear the doubts whenever free, this is yesterdays chart.
Are the markings correct?
1)The last mPH will be upgrade to VPH only if the market moves as shownu in pink line?
2) In the elliptical area, there is no mPH since low doesn’t break?
3) is the last but one mpH also a VPH since mPL breaks?
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Avoid marking sideways / inside bars or small range, it takes you no where.
They are marked in red circles. All are inside the red line range.

From Intra Angle, only the yellow mp is useful where one can get early entry to short if broken otherwise as HTF is up one needs to prefer buying dips upto the yellow mp.
Or Long about upper redline breakout.

On chart they look nice but in real time they're not tradeable for most ppl.


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Draw ERL only at visual pivots not at minor pivots ...we(atleast me)use ERL of minor pivots for exits only...that too not always ...
Sir if I am using this system on 15min tf for nifty futures. I enter at vph/vpl , initial stop-loss is recent mph/mpl. If trade goes in my favor how should I trial, trail with visual pivots or minor pivots?

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