Petition to stop dishonesty on the stockmarket



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Namaste my Indian Brothers and Sisters. My name is Ben Pauley and I created this petition which I hope some of you can sign. I am trying to stop dishonest stockmarket practices in my home country. Thise same dishonest practices most likely also are in the Sensex. This is a global problem.
i am all ok with all such stuff and better focus my energy and efforts in making money in trading rather than such futile exercises


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dishonesty can never die. the entire human kind may be built on the same word.

We can only change our self and hope ( that our children will do the same)
Yeah, you're right, it's a global problem, but I don't think a petition can change anything, it's more like a cry of the soul, but to change something you need a quality data checker or a regulator, there are too many pseudo-lurkers out there which openly deceive people.
It's cool that you're trying to change something, but I'm not really sure what you mean with this petition? How are you going to use it? It seems to me that in order for it to have legal effect, you need to contact the regulatory agencies. Otherwise, it's just a document that means nothing.

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