Pathetic service provided by an Indian ISP - See Video

Frustrated with your ISP. See on You Tube how Ajoy Eric Lal describes his experiences with VSNL-Tata Indicom internet service provider.
Frustrated with your ISP. See on You Tube how Ajoy Eric Lal describes his experiences with VSNL-Tata Indicom internet service provider.
I fully endorse this view. As long it works, it is one the finest connection available. But the biggest questions is how long it will work?. Once the connection goes off, then you are on your own. Their customer service is absolutely pathetic. Their customer care representative are like programmed robots. Whatever you say, they just say sorry sir it will be rectified with 24 hours. But it never ever happens. Also in my case, they have promised to pay Rs.150/- per month towards Electricity charges for electricity which i supply to their switch from my home. I am yet to get any money against this since the last 15 months. All my E mails to their customer service remain unreplied. I cannot believe a company with TATA name behaves like this. Since half the time this connection does not work, I am forced to subcribe to MTNL Triband also which is any time better than TATA INDICOM. Atleast here I do not have to hear from their local engineer that their fibre cable has been cut every time i call. They are absolutely the worst ISP ever. No two words about this.
TALK ABOUT yourself boys...

Im on hathway and their service is the BEST. Of course it pays to be in a prime property area as the service is impecable. LOL.

I upgraded to a 512KB, Unlimited. Pay 1600monthly . Downtime total=5-10hrs a YEAR.

The next best option, believe it or not is MTNL(return of the king anyone). Ive got that 2.


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Reading this I thought I would also put my little experience with BSNL here.

I have Broadband(BB) connection with BSNL Max Speed 2Mbps.

For last two years or so it is working without problem. Earlier I was with TATA Indicom and for accessing their service I was paying through my nose. Service was good but terribly costly. Prior to that it was Dial up with VSNL,ok but slow.

recently, on saturday , BSNL telephone line and BB went blank. I could not understand the reason. Bills have been paid in time. No dues. No Rain, nothing.

So I called up 197 and took number of BB customer service and also that of my area exchange. It was 11 PM. Obviously, I wasn't expecting anybody to lift the phone. And so it was. Next I tried exchange number. After one or two ring, someone lifted. He said , he is watchman and nobody is available to take care of my problem. Fortunately he informed me that Batteries have developed some faults and all lines are down in the area and one has to wait till it gets replaced. Next day being Sunday, I wasn't expecting connection. Around 11 AM telephone line came to life. Hoping that BB is also back I tried. No such luck. So I rang up the exchange and they politely informed that Computer Engineer has not come and I have to watch only TV. So it was on Monday that BB was restored by 10 AM.

Now it is working fine as usual.

Being PSU, I had also expected them to repair it by Monday :D .
Only if they improve on this front, I would rate their service as one of the best and cheapest.

I also checked if it give 2 mbps connectivity or not. Download was 1953 kbps and upload was 1623 kbps consistently across various test servers in India and abroad. Remember that it is only burst transmission speed. On an average actual through put will be very less. But websites do load faster.If you get Rs 900 monthly Home plan (unlimited) and your own ADSL Modem then you will have very liitle to worry about except for occasional blips like I described above.

May be in Mumbai MTNL would charge little more.But quite reliable.

You can use Right to Information Act on them if they don't behave or complain to Higher ups. In case of Private service providers, I have seen them being very apathetic to consumer concerns. And no RTI Act for them. Only consumer courts.

Pankaj :)

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