[Paper Trade]My first trade and Analysis

Today placed an order for Nihar Cap and Fin.

Seen a strong uptrend, basically dominated by bullish investors from the past 11 days. Lets see how this low-cap, low volume ride goes.

Buy 100 ; [email protected] ; SL@45 (2+ from last High of a selloff pivot (?)) ; Exit@ 105.2 (double)
hi heavenlyx

i guessed so :) it wud be news based movement

news based movements are though very risky what i feel . sometimes a company is in news but actually the price of tht scrip reacts oppositely to the news and the news on the stock shows affect from the next day in the up movement .

i use www.rupeeking.com ,icharts.in.yahoofinance.googlefinance for charts

hi aw10

i have been going through tradeji like maniac . i have surfed so much tht i m confused for now:annoyed:

i tried amibroker but after doing intensive reading of how to upload also i am not able to to so ..one last thing u could help me in is pls help me wid uploading for now i have amibroker installed and get bhav copy by hemenkapadia

i dun kno how to put them in amibroker
tried lots of time
cud u help me wid sum startin stepss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

if i read the posts again i kno results gona be the same i need ur guidance for now if u r using or tell me any other software for charting in whch u r perfectly perfect in installation :)

plz do this favour hope this would benefit heavenlyx also:clap:

thnks in advancee
Check hemenkapadia's web site. It will explan how to upload the file to Amibroker. You have to create a format file to define the file format of the bhavcopy and a new database in order to prepare for the uploading.