OT: Tanjore Big Temple and the proportions of 33


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Tanjore Big Temple and the proportions of 33
Source: Dailythanthi (a Tamil News daily published @ Chennai) dated 27th June, 2010 Sunday issue. Website: dailythanthi.com. The websites archive is only for previous one week. Nothing more.
Im giving the details here which arent available in any other web forums. Also, I am not giving any other info. which are already available on such forums.
The below details are based on French groups(the groups name is not given) detailed inspection of Tanjores Big Temple in 1980.
Here we go! The report begins
During King RajaRaja Cholans period, they had their measurements which is based on keeping eight (8) rice grains next each other and this was termed as VIRAL and this viral is equivalent to one inch of modern times
Units of Measurement:
8 rice grains (next to each other)(with each belly touching the next one) = 1 viral
10 such virals = 1 alavai = 33 cms in metric.
Base factor of Temples measurements as per research:
The Sacred Sanctums walls have pillars. These pillars are coated with plaster works. The French study group found that these plastering (not the pillars) measured 1 alavai (33 cms).
Various measurements of the Big Temple:
The Deity Shiva Lingam = 12 x 33 = 3.96 m
The circumference = 5 x 33 = 1.65 m
Sacred Sanctum (L x B) = (24 x 33) x(24 x 33)=7.92 m x 7.92m
Heights from
Ground to 1st tier of Gopuram = 50 x = 16.50 m
2nd tier to 13th tier = 50 x = 16.50 m
The Neck ( called GIREEVAM) = 6 x = 1.98 m
Ball shaped stone at the top = 18 x = 5.94 m
Kalasam (at the top) = 6 x = 1.98 m

Total Height =180 alavai= 59.40 m

The height of the entrance Gopuram named after Raja Raja Chola = 72 x = 23.76 m
The Big picture:
The entire temple courtyard can be arranged as 3 squares stacked next to each other. And each of these squares measures, guess what, 360 x 360 alavai (twice the height of the temple) i.e., 108.40 m x 108.40 m
The Raja Rajan Gopuram at the entrance is built exactly at the centre of the first square.
The Deity is at the exact centre of the third square.

As RajaRaja Chola had left innumerous stone inscriptions of his and his familys contributions to the temple, there isnt any info. regarding how (the logic behind the measurements) the temple took shape. Still its a mystery.
And The report ends.
DISCLAIMER: This info is a translated version (from Tamil to English by me.

My query:
Coming to the financial markets, the FIBOs 0.618 is termed as golden ratio. Can any of you take the lead from here to work it out for RajaRaja Cholas 33?

Babu Kothandaraman


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what is that u are suggesting here??

there are bound to be some kind of measurement in any given arch monument...there are so many monuments built over so many centuries...these are contained in what we call it as AAGAMA Saasthiram

I was watching a documentary, couple of days back...on Egyptian temples...

Not only they have built those famous temples near Spinz etc, but,there seems to be so many other temples built all over small egyptian towns and cities across Nile's path....they are just discovering these new temples now...

so in that case, we may have to take so many of such temple's measurements.....:)

Why dont u take each day's chart and work out Fibo retracements and extensions....iam sure u will be amazed to see how Fibo lines influences....and the next logical step is to build a trading strategy around that and backtesting it :)


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I ain't suggesting to take measurements of each such monuments...... I'm just presenting the data on this forum.
Some day, some where, some one - which includes yourselves as well - may shout "eureka" and find some kind of relations between this number and the financial markets. All it takes is just a minutest of a milli second to get a spark...... It may be new technical indicator or may be not....... It's just my wishful thinking.

Babu Kothandaraman

Btw, thanks for your suggestions on how analyse and build a trading system from fibo. Cheers!
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Helo sir... I need to know more about fibonacci sequence in tanjavur temple.. It would b great if u help me by sending d links. Thank u

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