operator and punter picks?

I have recieved this from an operator who is normally right..which i further got it analsyed through some trusted sources..any thoughts

IQMS software tgt 5
GV FILMS tgt 6
INNOVISION tgt 8 long term
ZIGMA SOFTWARE tgt 12 long term
BLUECHIP INDIA tgt 10 long term
KHYATI MULTI near tgt 8
ELTROAL not set

any thoughts..
Tried entering IQMS... but its circuit locked immediately after opening...
Why I see volume increasing even if its circuit locked....?
amitkr said:
Then Why I am not gettin the shares... I see them ordered in my order book (price 3.13) since the morning ???
You are in one heck of a long queue buddy. Can't you see there are over 5.5 million shares being bid as of this moment? This is what more often than not happens when one tries to buy or sell on a freeze. Of course if you are bidding for or offering a wagon load, it'll be a different story. :D

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