Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Name : SteadyTrader
Age : 26 years
Location : Los Angeles, USA
Hometown : Mumbai, India

Profession :
FT Retail Trader (in transition from a Professional Trader)

Experience :
4000 hours training at a Top Investment Bank
2000 hours as a Retail Trader in US Options Market
0 hours in Indian Markets
Goal is to reach 10,000 hours "Outlier" target in Indian Futures Market.

Specialization :
Non-directional strategies (Iron Condors, Calendars, Double Diagonals, Straddles) focused on Volatility Skew and Theta Decay in US Equity Options Market.
Not a huge fan of Technical Analysis :eek: (although use basic Support & Resistance analysis)

Favourite Trade :
Straddle as a pre-earnings implied volatility play.

Favourite Books :
1. Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas (Listen to the audiobook once every month) :)
2. Super Trader - Van K. Tharp

Luckiest Trade :
Bought a VIX call a day before the flash crash (originally to hedge an Condor)

Unluckiest Trade :
Sold a naked put few days before PCX declared bankruptcy

Objectives to be on Traderji :
1. Explore more about the Indian Futures Market and understand practical trend following methods from experienced traders and in the process complete my goal of 10,000 hours to become a better trader.

2. Contribute as per my limited knowledge.
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Welcome fellow newbie....Straddle at pre-earnings is my fav too. Best investment has been riding the Mastercard train from 70 to 300. Priceless :)

You have a clear plan and objective..Good Luck

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