one more newbee

i started trading 4 years ago, fascinated by the glowing greens at that time. It was everything new. Intra, delivary and nothing more. Little hiccups made me impatient. Less gain more loss both in intra and delivary. Lost intererst. Felt difficult to manage things while doing a job exactly during market hours. Adding to this are financial problems. Quit within 6 months.
Joined back one month before as i felt to try my luck. Little money to invest. Lot of greed.
Joined icicidirect. 1st impression is 'felt very comfortable and user friendly site.' but after a week of trading a realised that 'they are actually robbing in the name of brokerage.' Very huge brokerage.
While doing intra day trading i have to think a lot before any purchase or selling because of the huge brokerage.
I came across traderjee while googling issues related brokerage and brokers. A very usefull community site for the right person at the right time. The first thing i felt when i read an article in this site is to register immediatly. And so now i am here with you people. And feeling very lucky.

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