ODIN and its uses

ODIN is generaly used by brokers. I want to know can an ivestor install it in his home or anywhere else.........is there any special guidelines to follow...

Any comment on this........... :confused:
You can install ODIN in your home= subscribe to 5paise brokerage and they will install it on your system and you can do online trading. But ODIN does not provide charts. You can download the software from 5paise.com but unless you subscribe you can not login.ODIN 6 is the latest version.
They do not charge anything for the software itself. But you have to open an account with them so that they would install the software on your system. They have two softwares: ODIN and TT. Insist for ODIN 6 version. Opening an account is easy: call them and they will come and complete the formalities. You need to deposit Rs 5000 with them. You can use this 5000 to buy stocks.
hi investock
i have heard that 5 paisa is having some minimum commitment charges , say 5000 p.a. as brokerage
if it is ... what is the amount???
Ritesh, They are not charging 5000 per year but 5000 is the minimum amount to be kept with them.But you can buy stocks worth 5000 with the deposit also. They are charging annual charges for demat maintanance only. They are also liberal in margin money. You can negotiate with them as they seem to be flexible.Perhaps they may insist on minimum volumes but you can negotiate with them on this.
Hi investock
i spoke to their executive and he said that brokerage per yr. shud be worth 5000 rupees... i am not big trader and so switched to icici. but seen the performance i am thinking of indiabulls or sharekhan..
are u user of 5paisa?? please do confirm me
HI, Yes I am using 5 paise. But they are not insisting on any minimum volume with me. I have confirmed with them.I rarely trade as I invest for a minimum of three months.
5paise also is good. ICICI is very slow and unreliable and does not allow all shares to be traded ( not first hand information as I do not have ICICI but learnt so from various postings on this forum ) . Sharekhan allows only NSE on line. 5Paise allows both NSE and BSE on line and one gets email conformation of transactions immediately. I have Sharekhan but use 5 Paise mostly. 5 Paise also allows up to 85 % margins on some stocks - useful for risky traders!

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