NSE asking for feedback


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may i know .... if anyone have given his/her suggestion then wht are those?



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i think people or traders shd raise the issues like ....

Put-call ratio, internal volatility, real-time intraday data( i am ready to pay if exchange is willing to provide directly to consumer)
Good Stock Exchange.
But Totally Manipulated With Rules.
No Investor's Protection.
Self Made Rules Of Brokers, Applied By Exchange.
Violation In Sebi Guidelines.
Innocent Investors Butchered.
Present Scenario Of Market Is Self Explantory -
In Which Above Reasons Are Some Of Them.
Thanks i have given feedback regarding need for a place in the nse website for grieviances against online brokerages.Also the fact that overall it is good,during high market violatality the nse index chart goes offline !!!!

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