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  • Hi ajay
    need some help
    I am workin with excel ,I have following data say
    colum A1 column B1
    30 29
    45 36
    25 42
    52 63
    22 82
    Now what formula should I enter in formula bar to get higher value in column A1 and lower value in B1
    thanks in advance
    Halleo sir,
    Thank you very much for your immediate reply.I am extremely obliged that you have responded me.Pl. send me the soft as you desired.More over can you kindly tell what is the the future of this equity market. Now a days I am running with huses loaases. 75% of my holding are more than 50% losses.
    Hi please give me your mail so that I can post you a software which can be of great help for all of us my mail is reed 959 at yah oo dot com
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