Nifty Future SL, TP order trick with half quanitity


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India is still 500 years behind developed world, so that there is no facility of SL and TP order facility at one go.

But there is one trick: Trade with 50% (half) quantity of your total capacity and place SL and TP order separately while keeping order book handy to cancel non-executed SL or TP order immediately as soon as either of one gets executed.

Yesterday I was sure that NF will break its intraday high for 3 points gain but as soon as it broke that high, the bears got angry and hammered NF with 10 points which made my expected profitable trade into loss :lol:

I had kept SL because I can't take risk but same time can't keep TP due to that facility is not available yet to India.

So here is detailed explanation of that trick:
e.g. My account balance permits me to trade 2 lots NF intraday. But I am buying only 1 lot NF at 4938 with expectation of breaking intraday high of 4943 for the target of 4946. After buying it, keep 1 lot SL order at desired level say it SL 4935 and keep 1 lot TP order at 4946. Now keep order book open so that if TP order gets executed in profit then immediately cancel the SL order. And if SL order gets executed first then immediately cancel the TP order.

This is just an example, there are many times market gives 10 points around critical level with better risk reward ratio like 1:3.

Most of the people knows this trick! Does anyone have any better Idea, Trick or Any XYZ solution which is better than mentioned above?


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once entered, you can put tp as limit order and sl order together so long as you have extra margin money for the same quantity to place order (you will need that for the tp order) and once one order is executed then cancel the other pending order. I do it with rk global all the time.

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