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Levels of Nifty for 27th Dec 2021

Future Trend Analysis Based on Previous PA

HTF Analysis on Hourly: After TL broke good selling pressure was seen, which got paused at important support of 16,900 where we saw some profit booking, which pushed nifty up, in the final hour sellers came back but nifty closed above important level

STF 15: Major is Down, if gaps down it may pull back to 16900 only to go further down to 16700-750 zone, where some support is present, if gaps up above 17050 it may go upto 17150-200 where strong resistance is present at 17150-200




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280-350 Resistance from Daily TL




Major remains down
Blue Line was above support zone were long
Every Pull back and CPB is an opportunity to add
SL is hourly candle low for longs, below which trend is expected to negate on down again.

Trend Analysis for 28-12-21

Same place open, expecting sideways and if nifty holds this area for first half then a breakout which should give us a good up move,
Gap up near resistance nifty might come back to retest before going further up
Gap down should cause nifty to retest todays breakout zone before moving back up. ( it will always go to retest low or if the trend is strong it will retest today's bo)

Note: Watch for TL coming from above on daily may act as a strong resistance zone.
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Nifty came to end of the world after gap up, Supply was seen near day high all day. Day low buying came, but this kind of PA is a turn off for any trader. What worked today, Selling at Resistance and buying at Support ( Technically Price did not even come to proper support to initiate any buy)
Anything else would have been whipsawed.

We are closing on TL Resistance, price will try to touch Resistance and then a trade can be initiated at failure or BO


Looking at Hourly: Would it be better if they declared Holiday Today?
NTZ: No Trade Zone


15M: 1 trade today for Reversal Traders, most likely sl hit, no more trades today


Major remains down
Sideways Market

Trend Analysis for 29-12-21

NTZ: Flat Opening would cause a NTZ, no trade zone
Gap up near TL, Exit T1, wait for Reversal and take sniper attack, Bo of TL and Price Sustaining above it would cause fresh buying in nifty.
Gap down should cause nifty to test 17100 or retest bo zone

Time for a holiday Maybe?


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Feels good to have correct analysis, price kissed TL and strong Sell of was seen, Intraday played as expected, Swing T1 Closed, T2 Holding for ISL

Lets see what hourly did: as expected price played within yesterdays range


LTF: 15, 2 trades triggered today in LTF, 1 long bo of sideways and 2nd rejection from Daily TL

Trade 1 SL Hit, Trade 2 short was a good R:R Trade


Trend analysis for 30th:
Major is down

We are NTZ, we must keep trade numbers to minimum and only Trade at correct places with a Strict SL

Market should remain sideways, Unless we have a bo in either side

Gap Up: Less likely after the sell off in last minute

Gap Down: Highly possible, we might see a good sell of tomorrow

Sideways open: Do not trade in sideways stay out.

Patience game has started, NTZ no trades, Bo any side, we join party, bo on top side wait for retest or wait for price to sustain above Sloping TL, but expectetation of sideways to continue. ( the bigger the sideways the bigger the bo will be)
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Not going to post todays levels, nothing changed, market was 3rd consecutive day sideways, tomorrow avoid trading in NTZ and a big move is pending either side.

Markets closed on TL


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Nice up move on 31st

Important Notes: Price is now trading above 50 Ema On Daily, this pull back is different from last 2 pull backs

Resistance Levels R1 430-450 R2 620-640

Future analysis : Long term Trend Line if broken with a strong move, we can hold nifty, any side of weakness on Trendline would turn Nifty bearish, If Nifty Clears and Sustains above 450 Next Target is 620-640 where another major resistance is present

Strategy for Monday: Gap up Near 430-450, No trades, Wait for Pa to develop near TL and then enter short long. Sniper attack on Short side on rejection are high probably trades.
Flat Open: Nifty can go to retest 230-250
Gap Down: If Nifty holds Buy zone of 230-250 it may try to attempt TL again, If price sustains below 230 and breaks the last buy zone we may see fresh selling in nifty

Note: Gap up above : 430 , Nifty needs to sustain above it and probability of going up further would be low and it may come back to test TL again


Hourly: Looks very congested, Initiate trades at important levels only or stay out. Sniper attacks can be attempted at important levels.


LTF :15


15 gives us more clarity of where trades are visible.


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The analysis went wrong yesterday, the only move that had the lowest Probability worked. Trend will change to up if nifty stays above 17740-17780

Future analysis: Expecting reversal, 5-7 days of rally, Expecting reversal from 17740-17780

Daily analysis


Correction should come today or soon, Nifty should go to retest 16800, No further analysis as Day 1 analysis image 2 has gone wrong and day before yesterdays analysis also went wrong. Will wait for my analysis to align with nifty before posting again.


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