New to Trading

I am new to stocks and shares.
I want to start.
Can somebody advise on
DMAT account
Q1 Can I close the existing DMAT account and start something new?
or should I transfer the existing a/c.
I want to change from the existing DP

I am new to Mutual funds and share trading business. I have invested 2k per month in icici-prudential. But, i am not sure about what they are gonna do with that funds. So, Please some one help me to find out more about that.
Additionally i would like to enter into shares trading market. How do i predict and what are the fundamentals for doing that trading. Please someone help me to find a solution for this. I will be glad to have more discussions regarding this.
Because i have taken money on loan from my friend and doing this.

Thank you,

you had said that you had invested in icici- prudential , but not the fund name , is it growth equities fund or debt fund. anyway if it is equities fund then the cumilative amount collected from you and others who invested in that fund is invested into the stock market with a portfolio ..... by the icici-prudential as their protfolio fluctuation is your nav fluctuation. (net asset value) per unit. if it is a debt fund they will invest in govt bonds.

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