New Style for Intraday Trading

A New Style of Trading which gives attractive entries and has higher Probabilities of winning. Profit Booking should be very quick.
Requirements: Heiken Ashi Candles, Camerilla.
Scan the Heiken Ashi Candles which has wick on both the sides(Should be in Daily TF). This Signifies the script is going to dance up and down.
Now do some analysis on stock picking and pick stocks which qualifies double side wicks in HA candles in Daily TF.
Enter trade after 45 mins- 1 Hr, from the market opens or wait till the mid day and enter as per Camerilla.
This method has high probabilities of winning.
Caution: After entering the trade if one waits in greedy for high profits, then it leads to system collape.
Quick Profit Booking Important. AURO CAM.jpg




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